General Liability & Property Coverage

Individual Life Insurance

It is an unpredictable world, and even upstanding citizens are accused of injury or personal property damage. When such a situation occurs, there are huge financial concerns at stake. Liability insurance helps cover the ensuing events – legal and financial – when your or a family member accidentally causes injury to another or accidentally damages another’s property. In the case of a liability suit, your hard-earned assets are directly at stake.

And for professionals, liability insurance is the most important kind of business insurance. A liability is a duty one person owes another, or is liable for – for some special reason. Personal liability indemnifies, or pays, attorney’s fees and other losses that occur when another person is injured on an individual’s property and files a lawsuit seeking damages or payment.

Property insurance is a modern form of fire insurance that was sold by early insurance companies (the first such company being in nearby Philadelphia). In today’s parlance, the name has changed because the coverage has changed. No longer are the losses resulting from fire alone protected by property insurance. Other losses, like those from windstorm, theft, vandalism and water damage, are also covered.

“We all have liability. And we all have property. Limiting the potential indemnities on these areas of our lives is crucial to a sound financial plan.”- Bob Poletti

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