Investment Planning and Strategies

Insurance Planning

With enough time and a little discipline, proper investing can offer an expectation of helping you toward for your financial goals. Whether you seek guidance on strategic Asset Allocation involving stocks, bonds and other investment options, the insight from a financial strategist to provide a calculated Portfolio Analysis, or the experience of veterans of financial- planning, Insurance Planning Group has the acumen to meet your and your family’s needs.

Areas we can provide (as registered representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities Corp., a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor) include:

What You Need to Know

Investing is not gambling or speculation. It’s taking reasonable risk to earn steady rewards. With enough time and a little discipline, you are all but guaranteed to make a considerable amount of money in the markets.

Webster defines the word “invest” as such: to place or lay out money in order to get a financial return.

At the heart of sound investment theory is a simple calculation known as the “power of compounding.” The power of compounding is the simple act of reinvesting your earning in your investment.

For example: You have $10,000 in your bank account and put it in an investment with an 8% annual return. At the end of the year you have a total investment of $10,800. If you leave the earnings alone rather than take them out to spend, the second year – at the same percentage of annual return – will deliver $864 in earnings, which is 8% on the original $10,000 investment and $64 on the $800 of interest you earned the first year.

By year 20 your $20,000 investment would be worth $46,000+.