Personal Auto & Homeowners

Individual Life Insurance

We all know that car insurance is a necessity. The question is, what rates and plans are right for you? Your situation may call for a low deductible. Or perhaps you seek the ultimate protection for your family. Many options exist. Insurance Planning Group can tailor those options to your needs.

The same goes for homeowners insurance. What starts as a policy of protection for your belongings includes other options like home structure insurance and guest medical coverage.

At its core, homeowners insurance is a combination of both property and liability coverage. Usually it includes protection for a person’s home, any other buildings on the property, and for the building’s contents and personal belongings, except automobiles and pets.

“For our clients we can secure any line of auto and homeowners coverage they desire. The important thing is that they have at least some form of the insurance in place. We can provide them with the best options for their situation.”-Richard Scott

To explore personal auto and homeowners insurance further or to obtain a quote, contact Insurance Planning Group today.